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Rehabilitation of Marine Life

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In a world first marine rehabilitation project, Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory Manager Sophie Teede has been successfully colonising sea sponges and soft corals on Busselton Jetty pylons.

It was not known if the marine life would regenerate after being scraped off to prevent the progression of the molluscan wood borer or Teredo worm.

“The initial rehabilitation began in April 2015, using collected fragments of damaged invertebrates which were latticed securely against the treated piles,” Sophie said.

“Survival and growth of these fragments was monitored and recorded using a photo log over the last year and has proven very successful with the rehabilitation area also attracting new species to colonise the treated piles.”

Locals and lovers of the Busselton Jetty marine environment can now help further this project and earn a tax deduction at the same time.

“Tools and equipment are required to expand the project so more of the 200 wood piles can be regenerated.”

The Busselton Jetty Environment Fund is a 100% tax deductible fund and any donations will continue to progress this world first environmental project, rehabilitating marine life on timber piles beneath the jetty.

To make a donation please visit We appreciate your support.

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