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The Busselton Jetty

New Jetty Train Update

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As you know the Busselton Jetty Environment and Conservation Association (BJECA) have been progressing on the development of a new electric train. Here is an update on the progress of the carriages from Ian Clarke, Busselton Jetty Operations Manager.

“In the next week or two, one carriage will be completely assembled as a ‘bare’ unit and as part of the commissioning process will be towed out behind the other carriages to check it tracks properly, runs smoothly etc. If all goes well this will allow all carriages to be assembled in the same way.

The carriages will then be painted with a hard wearing industrial paint in our readily identifiable bright red paint. Further commissioning is then necessary to check each carriage individually and all as a ‘consist’ (to use rail language). This will be required to be done fully loaded as if there were passengers on board. Historically BBP have allowed us to use their cement bags to simulate the weight of the passengers, but as nearly 7 tonnes will be required we are researching alternative ways of doing it. Handling 7 tonnes of cement, each bag individually, on and off – is not my idea of fun no matter how many people are helping.

The commissioning will have a ‘Rolling Stock Engineer’ on site to observe the testing. He will then write a report to BJECA that BJECA will forward to the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) as evidence that the carriages are ‘fit for use and purpose’. After receipt and consideration of the report the ONRSR will accredit the carriages as being able to be used.

After approval by the ONRSR there still will be a requirement for training of the current train drivers so they can get the ‘feel’ and operation of the new carriages.

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