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The Busselton Jetty

Underwater Observatory Night Tours

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The unique marine life under the Busselton Jetty will sparkle after dark this summer with marine lighting installed this week to run nocturnal tours and permission to sell alcohol and food on the train being granted under new liquor licensing laws.

Busselton Jetty CEO Lisa Shreeve said being able to stand 8m below water without getting wet and view a natural zoo of marine life at night, was the first tour like this in Australia and possibly the world.

“No nets or cages are around the Observatory – these 300 different types of marine creatures, some found nowhere else in the world, choose to live under the Jetty because of the Leeuwin current, the shade and the protection of the Ngari Capes Marine Sanctuary.”

“The colour in the day is amazing and at night with coloured lights, we hope to attract different types of fish and even some glow in the dark species.”

Night dives of this top 10 world dive site, are normally only for those who dare to venture out in the dark water, however the installation of the lights will allow marine scientists to describe how different life is under the water at night.

The night tours will be part of strict environmental monitoring and will be run on Friday nights only for a few hours only, starting January 6.

All night tours will feature premium Margaret River regional wines and produce starting at sunset through to dark.

“Being able to operate the Underwater Observatory at nights opens up so many new opportunities for the Jetty including cocktail and canape night tours, functions, group bookings, cruise ship functions, educational tours and community group bookings.”

“It is incredibly important that we continue to diversify our business to support the Jetty Maintenance Fund so the Jetty is here for another 150 years – a lot of people worked tirelessly to save it.”

The light brackets have been designed by Bunbury firm CDJ, manufactured by Busselton business South West Machining Centre and will be installed by commercial dive operators Shorewater Marine with electrician Brett Titterton.

Gift Vouchers for Christmas are now available from the Jetty Interpretive Centre.

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