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The Busselton Jetty

Save Busselton Jetty’s Marine Life – Donate Now

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Busselton Jetty is seeking tax deductible donations to rehabilitate marine life living on timber piles beneath jetty.

After a maintenance program to prevent the progression of the molluscan wood borer Teredo sp. into the timber piles, the opportunity was taken to investigate the colonization of the PVC wrapping material and the ability of sponges and soft corals to regrow after being disturbed from their substrate.

The initial rehabilitation began in April 2015 using collected fragments of damaged invertebrates (mostly sea sponges and soft corals) which were latticed securely against the treated piles. Survival and growth of these fragments has been monitored and recorded using a photo log over the past two years. Survival and growth of the fragments has been very successful and the rehabilitation area also attracted new species to colonise the treated piles.

Due to the success of this research project, it is hoped that future rehabilitation of marine life on other treated piles under Busselton Jetty can be carried out in the future.

Public donations will help to fund the purchase of tools and equipment required to expand the project so more of the treated piles can be rehabilitated.

Donations to the Busselton Jetty Environment Fund are 100% tax deductible, please visit us at the Interpretive Centre or phone 9754 0900 to make your contribution.

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