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The Busselton Jetty

40 Years since Cyclone Alby

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40 years ago today on 4th April 1978 Tropical Cyclone Alby swept down the coast of WA. During the night winds of up to 175km per hour buffeted Busselton and the Jetty. Together with enormous waves and a strong storm surge, a 700m section of the Promenade Jetty was damaged beyond repair, the force was so strong that a 30m section was washed up on the beach intact. The skeleton jetty survived due to the weight of the railway lines.

The next morning close to 3,000 people gathered on the foreshore in total disbelief at the destruction of the Jetty. A group of passionate locals organised a massive clean-up effort which included 600 volunteers and 50 pieces of machinery. The Government wanted to demolish the Jetty however locals didn’t want this to happen. The lack of support encouraged the Busselton community to preserve the Jetty for posterity. This amazing community effort established the nucleus for the Busselton Jetty Preservation Society (now known as Busselton Jetty Inc).

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The Busselton Jetty