Globe Fish - Busselton Jetty
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One of the more inquisitive species of fish found under the Jetty is the Globe fish (Diodon nicthemerus). Easily identified by its highly animated face it is commonly found on the seafloor. Although it has a smiley appearance it is one of the most poisonous fish that live in Geographe Bay. As members of the Order Tetradontiformes (along with other pufferfish, toadfish and boxfish) their skin contains the poison tetrodotoxin, which is 100 times more poisonous than a red back spider. They also have the ability to puff up and extend spikes that can be up to 8cm long. These defensive abilities mean that it has very few predators to worry about. To find out/identify something you see or catch off the Jetty visit our Fish Finder 

Globe Fish

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