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Westpac Cement Support for Jetty Environment Fund

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We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Westpac – anyone that takes out a Home Loan and lets Westpac know they are a Jetty supporter will see a referral commission paid to the Jetty Environment Fund!  

This is a nationwide offer so it doesn’t matter if you’re in Tasmania or Queensland, you can still walk into any branch and say you’re a Jetty supporter and Westpac will provide 0.04% of the loan to the Busselton Jetty Environment Fund (BJEF).  This is not added to the cost of your loan, it is already part of it.

The BJEF has been set up to help fund special initiatives like the Pile Rehabilitation project and Busselton Jetty for Schools program to help preserve the Jetty for future generations.

Please seek the advice of your accountant or financial advisor before taking out any loan or taking up this offer.  

For further information please can contact Edyta Anderson at Westpac in Busselton on 08 9752 6567 or eanderson@westpac.com.au 

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