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The Busselton Jetty

Busselton Ecotourism Promoted to the World

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Busselton Jetty is being promoted to the world as an ecotourism attraction of excellence with marine scientist Sophie Teede being asked to speak at the Global Ecotourism Conference in November.

Ecotourism represents 25% of the tourism industry and Sophie will speak to international operators at the 26th Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference, November 26-28 in Townsville.

Environmental leadership through ecotourism is playing an even more important role in economic development, good conservation outcomes and cultural understanding as tourists flock to authentic experiences that make them feel good.

Sophie will be showcasing our unique Underwater Observatory experience where people visit one of only 6 natural aquariums in the world on a journey 8 metres to the sea floor. She will also highlight her world first Pile Rehabilitation project that is being carried out under the Jetty by Busselton Jetty divers, youth leaders and volunteers.

Sophie is the creator of a unique method for rehabilitating soft corals and sea sponges on the Jetty’s piles which became damaged during scheduled maintenance and this project is now being expanded to volunteer divers around the world to come to Busselton to assist through voluntourism.

BJI operates its tourism business to the highest environmental standards, with knowledgeable staff conducting environmental surveys to assess the impact of new tour development and implementing monitoring programs where required.

The Jetty is also home to Australia’s only Underwater Helmet Walk, where visitors get the unique opportunity to explore the forest of Jetty piles on a walking tour beneath the water.

Through stringent environmental management, conducting extensive environmental surveys and liaising with local government authorities, the Underwater Helmet Walks are a perfect example of sustainable tourism development.

Sophie is well versed to present to other experts in the field with a vast background in marine science and extensive knowledge of the local marine environment.

Sophie is responsible for BJI’s environmental management, carrying out monitoring programs and marine debris removal, and working on new projects like Clean Oceans and increasing the Jetty’s reputation and environmental credentials internationally.

Sophie Teede

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