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The Busselton Jetty

Jetty in Safe Hands

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The Busselton Jetty is in safe hands with Busselton Jetty Inc (BJI), the not for profit community group overseeing Jetty operations, paying its half yearly Jetty maintenance fund licence fee to the City of Bussselton, a whopping $419,806.

In 2018/2019 BJI will pay the City $839,612 from tours, events, walk tickets and retail purchases – an increase of $84,232 on the previous financial year.

As part of the Licence agreement between the City and the volunteer organisation, BJI is obligated to pay 25% of all revenue to fund future Jetty maintenance, to ensure sustainability of the heritage listed icon.

BJI CEO Lisa Shreeve said it was a great result for tourism and local business that the Jetty continues to see an increasing number of visitors each year and continues to reduce the amount ratepayers contribute to the Jetty’s ongoing maintenance.

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