Lyn Beazley Appointed as Inaugural Busselton Jetty Patron - Busselton Jetty
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Lyn Beazley Appointed as Inaugural Busselton Jetty Patron

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Former WA Chief Scientist Professor Lyn Beazley has been appointed at the inaugural Busselton Jetty Patron, to lead the organisations citizen science program as an environmental ambassador.

Busselton Jetty Chairperson Jenny Sheehan said the appointment of Prof. Beazley was a great honour for the Association which prides itself on its environmental stewardship.

“Science, innovation and technology has been behind a number of decisions made by the Busselton Jetty Board of Management including the recent addition of solar panels on the roof of the train, our world first pile rehabilitation program and our schools marine incursion program.”

“We are also working with the current WA Chief Scientist and Prof. Beazley on Marine Pharmacology that could see some of the Jetty’s unique marine life studied to see what anti-cancer, anti-biotic and anti-fungal properties they have in their chemical compounds.”

Prof. Beazley is highly decorated having been awarded Officer of the Order of Australia, named WA Australian of the Year in 2015 and inducted into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame and the WA Science Hall of Fame.

“I am a long term supporter of protecting our precious biodiversity via research, citizen science, education and ecotourism so the iconic Busselton Jetty is a great fit for me too,” she said.

Prof. Beazley is current chair of the Board of the Australia-wide Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network, Patron of Dolphin Watch and the WA Naturalist Club and am Ambassador for the WA Parks Foundation.

“I am honoured to be asked to be the first Patron for the Busselton Jetty and so excited to become involved in many of the Jetty’s new projects which are kicking goals in so many different areas. The Busselton community is so lucky to have such a progressive organisation to look after the 154 year old heritage listed Jetty, help to protect marine biodiversity and entice tourists here with new offerings but do it all in a sustainable way.”

Caption – Lisa Shreeve CEO, Lyn Beazley and UWA Marine Pharmacology Researcher Gavin Flematti looking at how the Jetty can help with marine research.

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