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The Busselton Jetty

People Power that Saved the Jetty

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People power saved the Busselton Jetty and led to it becoming the iconic attraction it is today, but what was behind that 1970s passion?

That’s the question we have charged local historian and author Judith Murray with finding out as she puts together information for a book that could lead to a future movie on Australian culture.

The Jetty has a colourful and varied history and much of this history is well documented, however there is a need for more specific detail to be recorded regarding the saving of the Jetty from 1972 to present day, including Cyclone Alby and several other setbacks.

Judith is working with us to put together in narrative prose the life stories of people involved in the preservation and restoration of the Busselton Jetty by conveying the community spirit and passion that led to its complete renovation in 2011 to become the steadfast heritage and tourism icon that it is today.

It is hoped the book will be ready for sale in 2021/2022 but in the interim, Judith is looking for interesting tales of how the Jetty was saved, who did what and most importantly why.

If you’re interested in contributing a story for possible inclusion in the book please complete the online form to outline your involvement, specifically the reasons you fought so hard to save the Busselton Jetty.

It is hoped that the learnings of the community spirit which saved the Jetty leaving an ongoing legacy, will be delved into further to get to the heart of why people contribute to their communities and if this passion still exists today. If not, how do we find it again in such a fast paced era?

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