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Tangaroa Blue Beach Clean-up Results

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Thank you to everyone who joined us at our Tangaroa Blue Beach Cleanup on Sunday 19th October! A total number of 2,950 pieces of litter was picked up and recorded. 2,281 of those pieces was some form of plastic litter making up 77% of the total collected. A staggering 1,763 cigarette butts were collected which works out to be 59% of all litter collected.

The clean up day we held in July, that had a similar number of volunteers cleaning the same area, showed much lower numbers but still with cigarette butts taking out the most common litter found. During that beach clean up we collected a total of 1,499 pieces of litter. 71% was some form of plastic litter. A total of 644 cigarette butts were collected equating to 43% of all litter collected and recorded.

The results from both clean up indicate that it’s mostly the same litter being found along the foreshore, just this last clean up we picked up much more. The recent school holidays and the weather improving might be factors as to why we had more litter this time.

A big thank you to the Jetty Crew who helped coordinate the event, collected litter, sorted and did a fantastic job! The event coordinators would also like to thank a lovely volunteer named Jodie who was great and really helped to get all the litter sorted.

Jetty staff member and event coordinator Jacquie Bullard made the plastic wave at the event which was made up of  plastic collected from south west beaches over the past winter. It depicts how plastic does not break down. It breaks UP into smaller and smaller pieces. Plastic in our oceans is having a devastating effect on our marine life and marine ecosystems. This visual display was created to show just how much plastic is in our oceans. Many people don’t see the microplastics, but if you look closer, they are there on our beaches.

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