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A Million Reasons to Wander out Yonder

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Busselton Jetty Welcomes ‘A million reasons to Wander out Yonder’ Initiative

Busselton Jetty Incorporated has welcomed the announcement by the State Government of ‘A million reasons to Wander out Yonder’ to encourage Western Australians to travel the state and explore their own backyard.

The initiative is available from Monday, providing ten thousand $100 vouchers to members of the public to use on tours and experiences across WA.

BJI Chief Executive Lisa Shreeve welcomed the news for tour operators, attractions and experiences who had put forward the voucher idea to Government after successful programs in the NT and Tasmania.

“COVID-19 has hit the tourism industry hard, with the sector being one of the hardest hit. Busselton Jetty reported its first financial loss since 2009/10, a negative $1million in lost ticket sales in 2019/20”

“Hospitality and accommodation businesses are booming in the South West, but tours and experiences continue to struggle.”

“The ‘Wander out Yonder’ initiative will encourage West Aussies to spend on tours and experiences, which WA has some of the best in the World, until interstate and international travel resumes”

Mrs Shreeve congratulated the State Government and hoped, if successful, the offer would be extended and expanded especially later in the year to the northern operators.

“West Aussies can register at www.wandervoucher.com.au to secure their $100 discount online from 10am Monday, September 21. We look forward to more West Aussies experiencing one or all of the many tours available at the Busselton Jetty including the Underwater Observatory, Train, Seafood and Sea Canoes, Underwater Helmet Walks and Dive and Snorkel Tours in the Deep Sea Pool this summer”

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found here https://wander.westernaustralia.com/faqs


Media contact: Lisa Shreeve, Chief Executive Officer, 0437 781 480

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