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Containers for Change

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2 OCTOBER 2020



DO you have empty cans, bottles or containers that could be recycled and would you like to support cleaner oceans, youth leadership and marine education in schools?

You can achieve all of this in Busselton now under the new WA Containers for Change Rebate Scheme in conjunction with the Busselton Jetty.

The Busselton Jetty Environment Fund (BJEF) has registered as a donation point to collect recyclable containers.

Locals can drop off single use drink containers to make a positive change for the environment as they may be cleaned and put back on the shelves, used in road base, to make clothing, home insultation or carpet.

BJI CEO Lisa Shreeve said the world produces almost 20,000 single use plastic bottles every second.

“By 2021, production will increase by 20% to 583.3 billion plastic bottles every year and left in the environment, they can remain for hundreds of years, breaking down into smaller pieces that continue to cause environmental damage, especially to our marine life.”

“If we recycle them it takes about 10 bottles to make a t-shirt, 63 bottles to make a sweater or 114 bottles to make a sleeping bag.”

“And while this is all positive, the 10c from each container that goes to the Jetty’s Environment Fund will help with our marine conservation, youth leadership, school incursions, clean oceans and other important environmental programs.”

If you would like to drop off bags of single use containers to the Busselton Jetty, you can do so at the Railway House Administration Office between 9am and 4pm Monday to Fridays.

Busselton Jetty is also hosting a Beach Clean Up Day on Saturday October 10 from 10am with Tangaroa Blue and Containers can be dropped off during this to the marquee on the Foreshore.

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Media contact:

  • Lisa Shreeve, CEO – Busselton Jetty – 0437 781 480
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