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The sustainability of the Jetty is linked to the sustainability of the community-management model, we highly value your membership and interest!

Your annual Ordinary Membership (voting rights) fee of $5 includes:

  • 10% off full price retail items at the Interpretive Centre gift shop
  • Attend 3 member meetings during the year and not only will you have the chance to socialise with like-minded people but receive a free Annual walk pass valued at $50.
  • Special guest presentations throughout the year.
  • Have your say at the AGM and the election of the Board.
  • Be the first to know about the new and exciting innovations on the Jetty and much more.
  • * Associate Memberships (non voting rights) are also available for staff and individuals who are under 18 years of age, this membership is a one off fee of $5.

The objectives of the Association (in part) are:

  • To protect, preserve, promote, repair, restore and generally maintain the Busselton Jetty and to provide facilities on the jetty that compliment and are compatible with its environmental, historical, recreational and scientific importance.
  • Protection and enhancement of the natural marine environment in the vicinity of the Busselton Jetty and the wider environs of Geographe Bay.
  • Provision of information and education on the Busselton Jetty and Geographe Bay marine ecosystems and facilities and structures to assist in the interpretation of this environment; and
  • Assist organisations undertaking research into the marine environment of Geographe Bay which will promote the protection and enhancement of this natural environment.

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