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Brendan Booth – Ophelia The Octopus

Brendan Booth
Ophelia The Octopus

Brendan Booth

Ophelia The Octopus

Brendan’s addition to the Underwater Sculpture Trail & Artificial Reef Project is ‘Ophelia the Octopus’ – a 13-tonne concrete octopus made from a high sulphate resistant concrete/composite mix with the addition of glass fibre reinforced concrete.
Ophelia has been specifically created to encourage the growth of marine life while also acting as a habitat for marine creatures to live in! 
Built in 5 separate sections due to its weight, Ophelia has over 80 glow-in-the-dark, solar-activating stones that will absorb sunlight throughout the day and glow at night.
Brendan is a local artist based in the South-West for over 25 years and he’s extremely passionate about the region’s landscape, natural stones and timbers with his preferred medium being local wood including marri, jarrah and sheoak.
He’s also the owner and creator of one of the region’s best hidden gems – the Margaret River Sculpture Park and Wood Be Good Woodcraft Gallery, a 10-acre property filled with giant sculptures carved from wood, stone and other natural materials.
When Brendan isn’t creating one of his masterpieces he’s producing a range of furniture & homewares made from local WA hardwoods!