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Daniel Fisher – The Mermaid’s Muse

Daniel Fisher
The Mermaid's Muse

Daniel Fisher

The Mermaid's Muse

Daniel’s addition to the Underwater Sculpture Trail & Artificial Reef is a 1m wide, 1m tall, 600kg mild steel Octopus that has been paired with a 1m wide, 2.2m tall, 600kg mild steel Mermaid, together making his incredible singular sculpture – The Mermaid’s Muse!
Welded together over the span of 6 months, The Mermaid’s Muse is actually hundreds of individual mild steel rods, heated to the point that they can be bent and sculpted together using a welder to create the flat, finished look.
Daniel describes this as a “Hot Glue Gun for Steel” with the playful and theatrical sculptural features being designed to interact with the local underwater environment!
Daniel has been an artist his whole life, specialising in a range of different techniques and styles that he has learnt over time and combined into an impressive mix of artistry for his day-to-day work.
He runs his own workshop in Margaret River and has lived in WA for 20 years, dedicating the last 10 to his intricate sculptures and being added to the Sculpture by the Bay Honour Board for 3 consecutive wins amongst an extensive list of additional awards.
It’s a pleasure to have you a part of the project Daniel! 💙
Find more of Daniel’s work on Instagram @danielfisherart