Deep Sea Pool

Busselton Jetty was chosen in 2019 to be the Australian location for the installation of an Ocean Guardian electrical shark barrier.

The virtual shark net is powered by same proven Shark Shield Technology which is subsidised by the WA State Government for diving and surfing.

The virtual shark net was installed on the iconic 1.8km Jetty at the universal access platform 1.7km out to sea, creating a protected swim, snorkel and scuba dive area.

The platform features 3 ladders, one to the ocean floor, where Underwater Helmet Walks and Dive Tours operate from November to April each year.

A new underwater sculpture project will also be installed on the ocean floor in 2021/2022.

Busselton Jetty CEO Lisa Shreeve said visitors frequently asked to swim at the end of the Jetty and the new diving area protected by Ocean Guardian will make this a reality.

“Many tourists and locals want to dive, swim and snorkel however often an unfounded fear of sharks prevents them from enjoying our ocean. The installation of the Ocean Guardian virtual shark net has increased the number of people able to view our unique marine life and enjoy WA’s iconic heritage listed old jetty.”

The Jetty also installs a pontoon in summer in the Deep Sea Pool area.  Lockers are provided at the Underwater Observatory for people to leave their gear in while they swim, snorkel or dive.