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Georgia Zoric – The Postmaster

Georgia Zoric
The Postmaster

Georgia Zoric

The Postmaster

Georgia’s addition to the Underwater Sculpture Trail & Artificial Reef Project is the Postmaster – a 3m tall, 800mm wide, 1.3 tonne ceramic sculpture dedicated to Andrew Stonehouse Thompson Jr, the Postmaster General and Customs Officer on the Busselton Jetty in the 1940’s & 1950’s who rode his bike up and down the Jetty each day to check cargo and collect mail from oncoming ships.
Georgia’s Postmaster is made from high fired stoneware ceramics that has been carefully sculpted and fired over the span of 6 months. The kiln in which the Postmaster was fired in belongs to Ian Dowling, a local ceramicist based in Margaret River who happens to be the grandson of Andrew Stonehouse Thompson – the original Postmaster General and Customers Officer! 
In the torso of the Postmaster lies a porthole that snorkellers and divers can use to take photos while the 25+ bottles at the base of the Postmaster will act as marine habitats for the marine creatures beneath the Jetty to live and grown in! 
The bottles themselves represent the theme of “a message in a bottle” with the message being based around marine conservation and ocean rehabilitation, as the octopi that will occupy the bottles embody this message for us as humans to action.
Georgia has been creating her iconic clay sculptures for over 4 years now, often drawing inspiration from sailors and the ocean as well as children’s literature and illustration. Within her sculptures she uses her knowledge gained from a lifetime spent in creative pursuits, with a formal education in graphic design – a pleasure to have you be a part of the project Georgia!
Find more of Georgia’s work on Instagram – @georgiazoric