Live Tours - Busselton Jetty
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Live Tours

Sorry, Live Tours are currently unavailable as we are now open for

in person visits at the Underwater Observatory. 

If you are far away and unable to visit us, please check out our 

free virtual content on the Virtual Tours page. 




Welcome to Busselton Jetty’s Live Virtual Tours

Please follow this guide to access your tour:
1. Click the buy button on the video screen
If you’re on a mobile click the ‘Click for Full Screen’ button.

2. If this is your first Virtual tour you can easily set up your account and pay under the signup tab to access the tour.

3. If you have been on a virtual tour with us before, simply sign in with your account and pay for the tour. If you have forgotten your password, click forgot password and you will receive an email with prompts to reset your password. Login, pay for your tour and you are ready.

4. You will receive a receipt from Inplayer shortly after for your tour.

5. If the dialogue box appears saying the tour is currently offline. Please select the tick and wait until the allocated time of your tour.
We’ll see you soon!

Getting ready for your tour
There are a few key steps to make sure that you are perfectly set up for your adventure.

Make sure your sound is just right
1. Make sure the sound on your computer or device is off mute and set at a comfortable level.
2. On the tour page set the sound to full and make sure the mute is not on.

Access the Chat Box to talk to your tour guide
1. Under the video, you will see a chat box. 
2. Enter your name, type your message and press enter. Your message will then appear in the chat box. 
3. This will give you access to the chat, where you can ask your tour guide questions throughout the tour. 

Click the play button in the middle of the screen. Once the live tour stream begins at the set time, your tour will begin and you will join your tour guide for your Virtual Tour of Busselton Jetty.

Please note sometimes your live video feed can take about 5 minutes to buffer and load the live stream, depending on the internet connection. Please ensure you arrive to your live tour page with plenty of time to prepare for your adventure. Once the live tour feed begins, you cannot rewind and catch up.

Getting the most out of your tour
The biggest draw card of our live tours is the live interaction with your tour guide.
If you have questions or comments that you would like to make throughout the tour, feel free to type them into the chat box beneath the live tour and our guides will do their best to respond.

  • You can print off or download the resources available with your tour. Simply click the complimentary resources button and save the file.
  • For more information on the history of our jetty, click the Saving Our Jetty Info button. Here you can download our flyer.
  • If you would like to donate to our Busselton Jetty Fund, please click donate now and follow the link to complete your donation.

Kick back, relax and enjoy the tour!

Having a challenge? Check these common solutions.

  • Tour not starting on time? Sometimes the tour can take a few minutes to go live based on how the internet is performing on the day. Please be ready for your tour 5-10 minutes before the starting time, click the play button and wait for your adventure to begin.
  • Sound not working? Check the sound setting recommendations in getting ready for your tour above.
  • My guide is not responding to my comment or question? Your guide will make time to answer questions in blocks throughout the tour, quite often we will leave question time until the end, though occasionally they may answer throughout the tour if appropriate.
  • If the dialogue box appears saying the tour is currently offline. Please select the tick and wait until the allocated time of your tour.
  • If you the screen is black or errors appear on the page, please clear your cache and refresh the page.
  • Lost the video page? Please visit and you should return to your live virtual tour video.
  • Tried everything and just can’t get it to work? Call us on (08) 9754 0900 and one of our friendly staff will help you the best they can.

If you have any feedback on your tour please let us know.
Contact us via email and one of our friendly team will get back to you shortly.

Enjoy your adventure!