Black-headed Puller - Busselton Jetty
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Black-headed Puller

Occurrence at the Busselton Jetty

Black-headed puller are residents of the Busselton Jetty occurring from the midwater down to the seafloor, where they may be seen alone or in small schools. Very small juveniles, approximately one centimeter in length are seen throughout the summer months.

Chromis klunzingeri
Black-headed Puller

The black-headed puller is within the largest reef fish family, the Pomacentridae. They are a temperate water damselfish, easily identified by their white body, with a yellow back and black face. The black-headed puller are distributed from the Abrolhos Islands to the Recherche Archipelago along the Western Australian coastline. They form small to large groups on coastal reefs and generally feed in the open on zooplankton. They can be found to depths of 40 metres in clear coastal waters. The black-headed puller can grow to a maximum length of 12 centimetres.

Other common names include: Black-headed chromis.


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