Flathead; Marbled - Busselton Jetty
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Flathead; Marbled


Occurrence at the Busselton Jetty:  Being the smaller of the two flathead species encountered at from the underwater observatory, the marbled flathead can also be easily recognised by the horizontal banding down the posterior of the body.  This species is seen rarely, most likely due to its excellent ability to camouflage and its cryptic nature.

Platycephalus marmoratus
Marbled Flathead

The marbled flathead is a subtropical species found inshore over the continental shelf, with adults living at depths between 20 and 80 metres, and juveniles commonly found in shallow waters up to 3 metres.  This species occupy a benthic habitat, on sandy or rubbly bottoms and feed on small fishes and a variety of benthic invertebrates, often cephalopods.  The marbled flathead has an elongate body and colour may vary in a distinctive marbled patterning covering the body.  Caudal, anal and ventral fins are usually bordered with white markings.

The Marbled Flathead is endemic to southern Australia and occupies the regions of south-western Western Australia and from Queensland to southern New South Wales.  They grow to a maximum length of 36cm.


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