Bullseye; Slender - Busselton Jetty
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Bullseye; Slender

Occurrence at the Busselton Jetty

This species had not been seen from the Underwater Observatory until the 2007 season when school of slender bullseyes appeared into view and hung back from the windows. They were easy to distinguish from the rough and common bullseyes by their long, slender body shape. In more recent years, the Slender Bullseye is a common sight in the autumn months, where a large school of these fishes will hover just above a school of a different species of bullseyes (usually Rough bullseye Pempheris kluzingeri)

Parapriacanthus elongates
Slender Bullseye

The Slender Bullseye forms part of the larger bullseye family, Pempheridae. Slender Bullseyes have a much more elongate and slim body compared to other species of temperate bullseye. Slender Bullseyes can be easily recognised by their slender shape and pale body colouring which varies from silvery pink to light brown. This species usually occurs in large schools over shallow seagrass estuaries, moving seasonally to deep water around rocky reefs to depths of 60 metres. The Slender Bullseye is endemic to southern Australia occurring from Perth, Western Australia to Disaster Bay, New South Wales. A small fish, adults reach a maximum size of only 13 centimetres.

This fish comprises part of the diet for the Crested Tern, a common seabird living around the Busselton Jetty.


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