Marine Survey - Busselton Jetty
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Marine Survey


BJI conducts several surveys on marine life and their environment. Click on the link to view the details of Observatory Monitoring Programs currently being undertaken.

Marine Ecosystem Objectives

BJI aims to protect and preserve the natural marine environment in the vicinity of the Jetty and the wider environs of Geographe Bay.

Strategies include:

  • Facilitating, encouraging and participating in scientific research of the marine environment in Geographe Bay.
  • Developing strategic partnerships with universities, government departments, other research and environmental organisations and local secondary schools to further the associations knowledge of, and contribution to, the health of the marine environment of Geographe Bay.
  • Providing facilities on or near the Busselton Jetty that promote education, awareness and montoring of the marine environment of the Jetty and the wider environs of Geographe Bay.
  • Promoting the protection of the marine environment by providing education on fishing regulations and sustainability practises and City of Busselton by-laws.