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Melanie Maclou – Stella The Stingray

Melanie Maclou
Stella The Stingray

Melanie Maclou

Stella The Stingray

Melanie’s addition to the Underwater Sculpture & Artificial Reef Project is Stella the Stingray – a 7m long, 4.7m wide, 2.5 tonne smooth stingray replica that has been made from over 1300 steel pipes, fabricated together over the span of 2 months!
Stella is currently in several different pieces but will be assembled and installed on the seafloor together.
Melanie’s decision to use pieces of pipe (ranging from 200mm – 600mm) within her design has created hundreds of individual marine habitats and we’re certain the marine creatures at the end of the Jetty cant wait to make it their new home! 
Based in Fremantle, Melanie has been an international public artist for over 17 years – often taking inspiration from nature and describing her sculptures as a “subtle invitation to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us”.
Mel specialises in creating large scale artworks made of steel, aluminium, and concrete with her work being exhibited around the state, including the Stella Maris Starfish Sculpture found at the Coogee Beach Dive Trail.
We’re thrilled to have you a part of the project Mel, find more of Melanie’s work on Instagram – @melsculptures