1st Prize Winner - Stephen Hall

Stephen won the brand new 100% electric, Nissan LEAF, valued at $55,651!

Watch the handover/interview video with Stephen below. 

2nd Prize Winner Wendy Kelton

Wendy won the End of Jetty Party for 40 people with Food & Beverages included, valued at $5,000!

3rd Prize Winner Christina Lisson

Christina won the Underwater Sleepover for 2 people in the UWO with an Underwater Helmet Walk, Dinner & Drinks included plus a $500 retail voucher, valued at $2,500!

4th prize winner Annemarie Bojar

Annemarie won the Family Photoshoot at the Busselton Jetty with ALL digital photos included, valued at $1,000!

1st Prize winner Stephen Hall on why he bought a ticket and what having an electric vehicle means to him!

Nissan LEAF Electric vehicle

(valued at $55,651 drive away*)

* Drive away in Western Australia as of December 2021

End of Jetty Party for 40 people with food and beverages included on 23 April 2022, valued at $5,000

Underwater Sleepover for 2 people in the UWO, Underwater Helmet Walk, Dinner and drinks included plus $500 Retail Voucher Valued at $2,500

Family Photography Shoot at the Jetty valued at $1,000 with all digital photos included

Busselton Jetty Inc is a 34-year-old not for profit charitable organisation, overseeing the conservation and preservation of the 156-year-old heritage listed Busselton Jetty, WA’s Major Tourist Attraction 2018 and 2019.  The Jetty has Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation and is one of two national tourist attractions that holds Climate Action Change Business Certification.  The red Jetty Train is a favourite with Japanese, due to the Spirited Away movie featuring a red train going over the ocean into the afterlife, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki after a trip to the Busselton Jetty in the late 90’s.

Nissan is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer with a presence in the South West region of WA through Muir Nissan, which has recently been appointed a certified Nissan LEAF dealership. The association between Busselton Jetty and Nissan Motor Co is clear, with Busselton Jetty being a certified Advanced Ecotourism operator and the Nissan LEAF helping to reduce the impact of climate change with zero tailpipe emissions. 

Busselton Jetty is fundraising to enable the Australian
Underwater Discovery Centre (AUDC) to be built and open by 2023. The AUDC will ensure the Jetty is financially sustainable so you and your family can enjoy the Jetty’s beauty and rich history for generations to come.

Nissan Australia is a proud partner of Busselton Jetty and the AUDC, donating the 100% Electric Nissan LEAF vehicle as the major raffle.
The raffle commences Boxing Day 2021 and runs until 26 April 2022, and the Nissan LEAF will be parked on the Busselton Foreshore each day so be sure to view it, inside and out, ask questions, get information, and ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to win this fantastic prize!! You can also buy raffle tickets online at busseltonjetty.auraffles.com.au.

There are also three fabulous minor prizes to be won also.

Creating a legacy for WA:

The Nissan LEAF and BJI brands are aligned; sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative.

  1. Japanese DNA – the Jetty has strong ties with Japan, thousands of Japanese visited pre COVID and Busselton has a Japanese sister city Sugito;
  2. Exciting Electrification – the Jetty has a solar powered train and 2 (soon to be 3) solar powered electric vehicles, has solar panels powering Railway House and has future plans for more electrification, including replacing its current fleet of staff vehicles with Nissan’s used for school incursions and attending tourism events/trade shows;
  3. Tech Excellence – BJI and Nissan both create and bring intuitive technology to enrich people’s lives. The Jetty used augmented and virtual reality to showcase its products. Nissan offers the Nissan Intelligent Mobility across its Australian vehicle range;
  4. Thrilling Performance – we both Nissan and BJI create experiences designed to thrill! BJI offer underwater helmet walks, scuba and snorkelling tours, whilst the Nissan LEAF allows owners to experience the thrill of instant acceleration and zero tailpipe emissions!

Thank you to Nissan Australia, our financial partner for providing this incredible first prize!

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