National Science Week 2020 - Busselton Jetty
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National Science Week 2020

Busselton Jetty for Schools

National Science Week 2020

Through the Busselton Jetty Environment Foundation, and Busselton Jetty for Schools program, we endeavour to educate young people about our oceans, marine biodiversity, climate change and conservation, creating a new generation of people who are dedicated to protecting and preserving our unique marine environment.

We are celebrating National Science Week 2020 with some online learning tools for primary school teachers, that link directly to the fantastic resources provided by National Science Week with their Deep Blue theme this year.

We have created videos and teacher information for three age groups, K-2, 3-4 and 5-6 with topics that link to the National Science Week Teacher Booklet but please feel free to use them for different age groups, as the content is definitely transferable.


Busselton Jetty For Schools K-2 Our Oceans

Busselton Jetty For Schools 3-4 Living and Non-living In the Sea

Busselton Jetty For Schools 5-6 Climate Change and Ocean Acidification

Teacher Information 

Busselton Jetty For Schools K-6 Marine Biodiversity

Busselton Jetty for Schools K-6 Sea Creature Cut Out Craft Activity

Busselton Jetty For Schools K-2 Our Oceans

Busselton Jetty For Schools 3-4 Living and Non-living in the Sea

Busselton Jetty for Schools 5-6 Climate Change & Ocean Acidification

We have a great range of options for schools who wish to visit Busselton Jetty on an excursion. Click here for more information. 

We would love to see you and your students participating in National Science Week activities. Send us your most creative photos of your students participating in ocean themed lessons and activities to go into the running to win a return train journey for your class on our solar powered electric train. If you can’t make it to Busselton Jetty in person, never fear, we can offer an alternative prize of an exclusive virtual Underwater Observatory tour via Zoom just for your class. Please email your photo entries to and ensure you let us know if we have permission to use the photos for marketing, and on social media.

To see live footage from the Underwater Observatory, click here