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Shorewater – The Pericles

The Pericles


The Pericles

We introduce to you the SS Pericles Replica, a 4m x 3m steel hulled ship that has been repurposed and refitted to resemble the Steam Ship Pericles that was wrecked in the Capes region in 1910.
This piece was created in a collaborative effort between Busselton Jetty Inc., the Australian National Maritime Museum and Shorewater Marine – thanks also to Port Geographe Marina for their support.
Now this one is a little different than the others as it was created several years ago and was actually the catalyst for the Underwater Sculpture Trail & Artificial Reef Project!
Busselton Jetty approached Shorewater Marine after successfully receiving grant funding from the National Maritime Museum with the idea to create the SS Pericles Replica, and as a result Shorewater Marine sourced an existing vessel to be repurposed and refitted for the artificial reef.
The original SS Pericles was a 10,925-ton Ocean Liner, that left London on her maiden voyage to Australia on 8th July 1908 (she was built by the ship builders that built RMS Titanic).
Just after noon on 31 March 1910, five days after leaving Melbourne, the Pericles struck an unchartered rock 9.7km south of Cape Leeuwin.
The ship sank shortly after and the wreck lies 5.6k m south of Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse at a depth of 35 metres.
The SS Pericles centres on Australia’s maritime heritage and archaeology as well as history and marine life.
The Pericles and all undersea sculptures will offer great opportunities for marine education and building awareness within the community about the significance of maritime heritage, not just in the region by the country as a whole.