The Village - FAQs - Busselton Jetty
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The Village – FAQs

Busselton Jetty Village – Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we building ‘The Village’?
Of 7,000 Jetty visitors surveyed over the past 3-years, the greatest request was for food and beverage at the end of Jetty. This project will cater for the south-west community, new visitors, and repeat visitors who want a new experience over the ocean 1.8km out to sea.

How do you know people will visit the Village?
Over the past 4-years, we have been trialling and testing new ideas, so we know what works – Underwater Observatory Winter Tours using virtual reality, Mermaid Tours, Underwater Dining, Sunset Tours, Celebrity Chef Dinners, Marine Education and Helmet Walks are all proving very popular and link in with WA Tourism and Tourism Australia priorities. This information and market testing have contributed to a strong business case including cost/benefit analysis and economic impact assessment that demonstrates approximately 1,000 local jobs will be created through the Village and AUDC build.

What is the benefit to Busselton community of new Village?
The new attraction at the end of the Jetty will bring new people to Busselton to dine over the water and then stay in Busselton. Visitors will spend money at local businesses thereby resulting in indirect economic benefits to the region.

Will there be more amenities to cater for more people?
The Village will have 7 new toilets and 2 showers.

What will happen to waste from The Village?
Plans for the food and beverage zone will be environmentally friendly cups and plates and visitors will be encouraged to buy keep cups. No plastics. Waste will be transported to shore by BJI, the same as Underwater Observatory and Interpretive Centre waste is transferred now.

Will The Village affect fishing off the Jetty?
The Village won’t affect Fishing as it is past the Underwater Observatory gates which is a designated marine sanctuary and already a no fishing zone;

How will The Village survive winter storms?
The Village has had 12-months of structural engineering work and will be built same as the Underwater Observatory and Interpretive Centre to withstand 1 in 100-year storms;

How is The Village funded?
56.5% of this project is funded by Busselton Jetty Inc – the not for profit community group that runs operations on the Jetty, 33% by Grants and 9% by the Private Sector.