Undersea Walk & Scuba - Busselton Jetty
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Undersea Walk & Scuba

Experience the marine wonderland beneath the Busselton Jetty for yourself

Join our team of friendly and helpful dive professionals 1.6 kilometres out to sea for 

– a snorkel next to

– or a SCUBA dive below

– or a SeaTREK ® undersea walk through

the pylons and marine life of the 150 year-old Busselton Jetty.

Its an amazing, eerie, wonder-filled place to be that just about anyone aged 12+ can come and experience for themselves. For many people, getting up close and personal with the marine world is one of the best experiences of their lives!

Launched by the co-founder of the whaleshark tour previously voted Best Adventure Tour in WA at the Western Australian Tourism Awards, Dive Busselton Jetty invites guests from around the world to experience the Busselton Jetty up close and personal for themselves.

Fit, healthy swimmers and divers very welcome… and everyone else too! If you can walk, and breath, come and experience the Busselton Jetty.


Anyone aged 12+ can do an Undersea Helmet Walk – it’s suitable for all abilities, no diving experience required. Using world-leading high-tech helmets our friendly team of expert dive professionals will take you down to the ocean floor to experience the wonderful underwater world.

Be sure to bring your bathers and a towel with you. Changeroom and shower facilities are available.

Undersea Helmet Walk uses compressed air, we require all participants to complete a self-assessment form. If you have a history of any of the medical conditions listed, you will need a GP to clear you before you arrive for your tour.

Check out a video here!


Get to experience what your friends who dive are going on and on about for yourself! Nothing compares to the experience of weightlessness under the waves, and discovering the magical underwater world of colourful fish and living reefs in the easy diving conditions of the Busselton Jetty.

SCUBA diving is a lot easier than most people think, and Try Scuba Diving gives you an easy way of experiencing it for yourself with an expert dive instructor next to you throughout. You’ll learn the basics of SCUBA diving safely and enjoyably, then descend under the waves and Jetty to get up very close and personal with the marine wonderland beneath the Jetty.


Current, certified SCUBA diver? Busselton Jetty is one of Australia’s best shore dives and NOT to be missed! Come experience the Wonder Under The Jetty and get up very close and personal with some of its 300 species of marine life. Its a dive that will stay with you for years to come!

And its an easy dive too – all your dive gear awaits you next to the dive site, 1.7kms out to sea at the end of the Jetty. Or you can bring your own and lug it out there… or hire a tank and weights for the dive.

Our dive leader will gear and brief you up and then accompany you on a dive around the massive pylons of the Jetty. Its an eerie-wonder filled place, with the hard and soft corals  like being surrounded by fireworks. Schools of fish, rays, octopus, nudibranchs and so much more await you too.

The tour is for current, certified SCUBA divers who have either dived in the last 12 months or done more than 20 logged dives.

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