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Get ready to dive into an ocean of excitement with Busselton Jetty Environment Foundation's raffle fundraiser!

Every ticket purchased not only gives you a chance to win incredible prizes but also supports BJEF’s crucial mission to conserve the marine environment surrounding the iconic Busselton Jetty. With your generous contribution, we can continue our vital work in preserving the Jetty’s rich marine life and ensuring a sustainable future for our oceans. 

From funding essential data collection and education programs to conducting wildlife rescues and organising clean-up efforts, every dollar raised will directly contribute to protecting our local marine ecosystems. With prizes like an unforgettable Underwater Sleepover in the Underwater Observatory, exclusive Jetty License Plates and a $500 Retail Voucher to spend at Busselton Jetty, there’s never been a better time to support BJEF’s cause! Join us in making a splash for marine conservation and purchase your raffle tickets today. Together, let’s make waves of positive change for our oceans!

First Prize - Underwater Sleepover

Immerse yourself in an exclusive adventure with our First Prize – a coveted Underwater Sleepover at our awe-inspiring Underwater Observatory!

This unparalleled experience, not otherwise available for purchase, grants two lucky individuals a night amid the captivating marine life of Busselton Jetty.

Indulge in a gourmet dinner by Executive Chef Tony Howell, enjoy a luxury camping-style sleepover, and wake up to breakfast with the ocean as your backdrop.

With exclusive access to the Jetty’s end for leisurely exploration, prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of marine magic! 

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Second Prize - Exclusive Jetty Licence Plates

Cruise around town in style with our Second Prize – a set of exclusive ‘999 Jetty’ Licence plates!

Elevate your vehicle with these unique plates, available only to the lucky second place winner of our raffle.

Whether you’re driving through town or embarking on an adventure, these plates are a symbol of your support and love for Busselton Jetty and a stylish addition to any car.

Don’t miss your chance to make a statement on the road while supporting marine conservation efforts! 

Third Prize - $500 Retail Gift Voucher

Shop to your heart’s delight with our Third Prize – a $500 retail gift voucher for our Busselton Jetty gift shop!

Treat yourself to an array of treasures including our new Underwater Sculpture Park Jetty merchandise, marine themed home decor, delightful kids’ gifts, and much more.

With an abundance of options to choose from, the lucky winner can indulge in a shopping spree like no other, all while supporting the conservation efforts of Busselton Jetty.  

50x Runner Up Prizes

Delight in our 50x runner-up prizes – the exquisite Light on the Water coffee table books.

These exclusive Jetty books are filled with 100 of the best photos of Busselton Jetty from above, below, and on the Jetty, capturing its beauty in stunning detail.

Each page takes you on a visual journey through the enchanting marine and coastal landscapes, offering a unique glimpse into the magic of Busselton Jetty.

Perfect for any nature enthusiast, these books bring the wonder of the Jetty into your home, making every day a reminder of this extraordinary place.

Where your dollar goes?

At Busselton Jetty Environment Foundation, we’re dedicated to be safeguarding the pristine beauty of Geographe Bay and its surrounding marine environment.  

Through our impactful initiatives, your generous donations directly support our mission to conserve the Jetty’s marine life and ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.  

From conducting crucial data collection through Underwater Surveys and Impact Assessments to monitoring water temperatures and sculptural surveys, we utilise evidence-based practices to inform everyday environmental management decisions, ensuring the sustainable stewardship of our coastal paradise. 

With a focus on education, we empower future environmental leaders through engaging incursions, excursions, virtual programs, and education displays, cultivating a deep understanding of marine conservation among our community.  

Additionally, our dedicated efforts in wildlife rescues, including seabird training for staff, entanglement rescue, and reporting of marine mammal entanglements, significantly reduce the human impact on our local oceans and marine life. 

Through initiatives like beach and underwater clean-ups, as well as the creation of artificial reefs and pile regeneration, we’re actively combatting biodiversity loss and working towards a Carbon Neutral 2025, ensuring that Geographe Bay remains a vibrant and resilient ecosystem for generations to come.  

Busselton Jetty is a not-for-profit ACNC Registered Charity with Deductable Gift Recipient status, meaning donations over $2 may be tax deductible.

Your contribution will go a long way in achieving our mission as:

  • $30 can help us assist and release an entangled seabird
  • $50 will print school education program booklets
  • $100 can help us organise a beach clean up
  • $170 can deliver a virtual excursion to a school class anywhere
  • $500 can conduct an underwater survey

Join us in our journey to protect and preserve the environs of Geographe Bay – together, we can make a splash for marine conservation!  

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