Busselton Jetty
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Virtual Tours

Live Virtual Tours

Cost: NA

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Live stream our marine science team guiding you through the the Underwater Observatory.

Virtual Train Tour

Cost: FREE

All aboard the Stocker Preston Express. Enjoy a ride 1.7km out to sea with a history of the Busselton Jetty and Geographe Bay.

Virtual UWO Day Tour

Cost: FREE

Join our marine scientist on a tour through the Underwater Observatory, experience the marine life that live outside the windows.

Virtual UWO Night Tour

Cost: FREE

Join our marine scientist through the Underwater Observatory at night. Catch a glimpse of Sampson fish's feeding frenzy.

360 Virtual Reality Tour

Cost: FREE

Descend 8 metres beneath the water’s surface and through VR, view more than 300 marine species that inhabit the area.

Marine Workshops

Cost: FREE

Put your science caps on as you learn about the history, marine life and ocean pollution at the Busselton Jetty

New Developments

New world-class attraction planned for the end of the Jetty.

Exercise Videos

Gym Closed? Join us for a walk, run, dance, yoga or workout. All you need is 30 minutes and an awesome playlist.

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The sustainability of the Jetty is linked to the sustainability of the community-management model.


Welcome To Our Virtual Tours

Our On Demand Virtual Tours offer a range of pre-recorded guided tours of Busselton Jetty. They range in length and in adventures! Feel like taking a train ride? Learning about our jetty’s history? Or meeting a few of our local fish? Select the On Demand Virtual Tour you would like to experience, complete your payment details if applicable and this will allow you to access your tour instantly on purchase. Our selection of On Demand Virtual Tours are showcased above. Some of these require payment and others are free.

To access our virtual tours simply click on the tour you would like to experience and select ‘play’. Your Busselton Jetty adventure is at your fingertips.