Meet the Board - Busselton Jetty
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Meet the Board

Barry House
After 30 years of Parliamentary life I am appreciating "rewirement" closer to home through involvement with the BJI. I have the experience, energy, commitment and flexibility to play an active and constructive role on the Busselton Jetty Board.

Sally Wilkinson
Sally has over 20 years of strategic planning, marketing, research, PR and business development expertise, gained in Australia and the UK. Her particular areas of focus are customer insight, customer journey mapping and brand building.

Jessica O'Malley
Our main tourism attraction is the Busselton Jetty. it’s ongoing upkeep and creation of new ventures is vital to the City and is an area I am passionate about.

Tash Ayers
Tash is a strategic, innovative and collaborative operator who specialises in creating new opportunities that have impact for the broader community.

Ken PrestonI was interested in becoming a Busselton Jetty member three years ago because I saw the Association as progressive and enthusiastic in maintaining and improving the jetty for locals and visitors to the region. Among many outside interests, fishing, swimming and enjoying the fine food and wine of the south west are favourites.

Steve DisleyI have extensive knowledge of Busselton Jetty, its structure, maintenance needs, heritage and environmental values, licensing, financing and management arrangements that are invaluable to BJI.

Jenny Sheehan I am a passionate advocate for the Busselton Jetty, I place a high value on the community management model as a means of conducting the tourist business which is so important to the local community. With personal national and international travel experience I bring a consumer perspective to the operations of the Busselton Jetty.

Chris LaneWith some interesting projects in the pipeline, I am excited about the future direction for the Jetty. In particular, the new underwater observatory is a significant marine construction project and I believe that my experience in this industry will prove invaluable for this project, principally in relation to environmental due diligence.