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Accessibility & Inclusivity

The Jetty is rich with sights, sounds and smells of the ocean, making it an easy, enjoyable and accessible outing for visitors with a range of abilities!

Here at the Busselton Jetty we are committed to providing a safe & enjoyable environment to all guests & are open to any and all accessibility or inclusivity requests!

Several Busselton Jetty staff have also graduated from the Australian Government’s “Disability Awareness” Training & we are willing to customise our Train Rides & Tours to suit!

For more information around our accessible and inclusive offerings, please read our Accessibility Factsheet, available here.

The Factsheet provides visitors with information on Busselton Jetty’s facilities and amenities, which aim to support the visitor in making an informed decision on whether the Busselton Jetty is suitable for their individual needs. 

If you’d like to talk with a member of the team about your accessibility requirements so we can be sure to meet your needs, please email: bookings@busseltonjetty.com.au or call us on (08) 9754 0900. 

Jarrad Seng


For anyone with hearing loss or impairment, we have a Sign Language/Auslan Underwater Observatory Tour video (with subtitles) available on request. Several Tour Guides have also undergone basic Auslan training.



For anyone with vision loss or impairment, we allow Guide Dogs on the Jetty Train & in the Underwater Observatory. There is also caution strips at the top of the stairs for anyone using a white cane.

Jarrad Seng


Here at the Busselton Jetty we are open to any and all requests around cognitive abilities and can customise Train Rides or Underwater Observatory Tours to suit.

Please reach out to see what we can do for you! 

Email: bookings@busseltonjetty.com.au

Jarrad Seng


The Stocker Preston Express electric train has space in its carriages to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers, as well as ramps at the platforms on either end. On the journey, there is an audio tour to enjoy highlighting significant points of interest and the history of the Jetty. 

Our Underwater Observatory is also accessible for everyone to enjoy with a lift that allows access to the sea floor!



Ask our friendly staff at the Underwater Observatory for a Full Tour Translation as we offer translations in 11 different languages, those include:

Chinese – Simplified

Chinese – Traditional 












We have accessible toilets and child change tables located in the Interpretive Centre on the shore and at the Underwater Observatory at the end of the Jetty.

There is an accessible car park located in the Goose car park with paved paths leading to the Jetty.

We also have a Universal Access Platform at the end of the Jetty that is essentially a ramp down to water level so visitors of all abilities have the option to safely enter and exit the water using one of our 3 ladders.