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Jetty Crew

First ever Jetty Crew Selected

TWELVE young Busselton people started an exciting journey last week on the first ever Busselton Jetty Crew, a 12 month program educating a new generation of community leaders.

The Jetty Crew will provide formal leadership training, dive qualifications, project and event management training and an opportunity to ensure that the Jetty is here for future generations to enjoy for another 152 years.

“We have been lucky enough to secure 12 sponsors for the program so we were able to select 12 young people from over 100 applicants,” said Busselton Jetty CEO Lisa Shreeve.

The successful 12 people include Busselton Senior High School’s Sarah Smith, Hazel Miller, Bianca Jones and Portia Mann, Cape Naturaliste College students Kynan Criddle, Kayne Cox and Andrew Muldoon, McKillop College student Shepherd Patterson, GMAS student Bianca Gervasi, Manea College student Taryn Yeates, Alexis Gill and Jessica Garcia-Zoite.

Sponsors presented each Jetty Crew member with a Certificate and Program Pack at the Busselton Jetty Inc AGM on October 26.

Sponsors will play an informal mentoring role and include Dianne Laurance, NSCO Consulting, South West Machining, Leeuwin Civil, Shorewater Marine, Computer West, Trevor Fitzgerald, Libby Mettam, AMD, BTE Electrical, Cristal Mining, Rotary Busselton and the Busselton Jetty.

“This program could not be successful without the support of these amazing people who want to see our youth develop through new opportunities like this,” said Lisa.

Jetty Crew participants were most excited about the unique opportunity to participate in the Pile Rehabilitation Project and Artificial Reef project.

Following the completion of their Open Water Dive Certificate and leadership course, part of the Jetty Crew role will be presenting to schools in the region about the unique marine life under the Jetty, to encourage a younger generation of Jetty Ambassadors.

“Who knows? These young people could be the future Busselton Jetty Board of Management or President of the local Football team.”

Jetty Crew 2017-2018