Live Webcam - Busselton Jetty
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Live Webcam

Underwater Observatory Webcams

The Underwater Observatory has installed two webcams, one facing North (North cam) and the other South (South cam). Each web camera captures the action from different sides of the Underwater Observatory.

When viewing South Cam (left/top image) a single timber pile is viewed, however when visibility is excellent other timber piles can be seen in the background. A myriad of invertebrate life calls this timber pile home and you can see white, fluffy telesto corals and bright blue, yellow and orange sea sponges. A small dark brown or black fish called a Scalyfin also lives here and you may see it darting around the pile.

The North Cam (right/bottom image) faces two windows on the seafloor and if you are watching during business hours you can see the Underwater Observatory Tour in progress. Occasionally, a curious Western Blue Groper may swim up to the windows or you may see one of several species of sea star attached to the window itself!