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Underwater Sculptures



Busselton Jetty is one of Australia’s greatest artificial reefs and since 1865 the Jetty’s submerged timber and steel piles have become colonised with a beautiful array of marine invertebrates, creating a vibrant and diverse habitat for over 300 marine species!

Simply put, man built a jetty, but mother nature created the reef!

Busselton Jetty’s environment team are responsible for sustainably managing the existing jetty structure/artificial reef and now also enhancing it by installing 13 Underwater Sculptures that have each been specifically created to act as an Artificial Reef for marine life to colonise and use as habitats!

BJI’s artificial reefs project will foster environmental benefits by providing additional hard seafloor habitats, which are naturally uncommon in Geographe Bay, where the seafloor habitat is predominantly seagrass meadows.

Please note the Underwater Sculptures are not visible from the Underwater Observatory as the Underwater Observatory Tour is a separate experience meant to showcase the natural marine environment that has developed beneath the Jetty over the last 60+ years.

The Underwater Sculpture and Artificial Reef Trail has been introduced to enhance marine life habitats and abundance at the very end of the Jetty!