The jetty is rich with sights, sounds and smells of the ocean, making it an enriching and accessible outing for visitors with a range of disabilities.

The Stocker Preston Express electric train, which runs the length of the 1.8km long Jetty, has space in it’s carriages to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. On the journey there is an audio tour to enjoy highlighting significant points of interest and the history of the jetty. Speak with our friendly staff about your accessibility requirements so we can be sure to meet your needs. Call us on (08) 9754 0900. If you book online, please add as much information as possible with your booking.

Our popular Underwater Observatory tours are also accessible for everyone to enjoy with a lift which allows disabled access to the sea floor. Over 300 different marine species can be discovered in their natural habitat eight metres below the oceans surface.

The tour guide team leaders have completed an introduction to Autism online module from positive partnerships. We can provide:

Support for learning.

Flexible and individually tailored approach to tours.

Consideration to individual preference learning by implementing; technology, one on one support of carers plan, work as a team, staying calm, understanding the time needed away from a situation, supporting sensory needs, supporting transitional changes (ie Tour to train and stairs), supporting challengers ie. anxiety, attention difficulties, confidence in understanding your needs, learning and communication difficulties, auditory processing difficulties.

There is a unisex accessible toilet in the Jetty Interpretive Centre and accessible car parks in The Goose Restaurant car park with paved paths leading to the Jetty.

We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment to all guests.