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ShoreGaze – The Crab & The Shark

The Crab & The Shark


The Crab & The Shark

ShoreGaze is a joint venture between Shaun Williamson and David Gaze with their additions to our Underwater Sculpture Trail & Artificial Reef being The Shark and The Crab.
The Shark is 2.3m long, 1.4m wide and 1.6 tonne and The Crab is 2m long, 3m wide and 1.8 tonne.
Both are made from 6mm and 10mm plates of mild steel, designed and cut using brand new splicing software from ShoreGaze and welded together for a total span of over 3 months.
These sculptures are inspired by local marine life and have been designed to maximise marine life growth within our underwater environment, with the sculpture design also providing an ideal substrate for sponges, barnacles and other marine species to live and grow on! 
As mentioned above, ShoreGaze is a creative joint venture between Shaun & David, with Shaun working in ideas and concept and David program and design.
ShoreGaze is an emerging company that specialises in underwater structures, including artwork, underwater habitats/buildings, artificial reefs, floating gardens, and marine life habitats.
A perfect fit for our Underwater Sculpture Trail & Artificial Reef, a pleasure to have you be a part of the project gents!